2016 Annual Church Weekend Away Report

Our Annual Church Weekend Away was held in Densmore Lodge, Avoca, Co. Wicklow. We were glad to have Pastor Peter Ratcliff come to us again this year, and also glad that Pastor Maurice Roberts came from Scotland to minister to us again after some time. It was a blessing to have Pastor Roberts and Pastor … [Read more…]

Annual Church Weekend Away

This year we will be staying in Avoca, Co. Wicklow, from Friday 25th – Monday 28th November, 2016. Apologies to anyone who may be reading this and would have liked to have known earlier. If you would like to attend anytime during the weekend you are welcome, here are some details concerning the weekend: Speakers … [Read more…]

Visit of Dr. Voddie Baucham

We enjoyed a blessed time of fellowship with Mr. Baucham and his wife Bridget yesterday evening. Mr. Baucham came to the Lord’s Day evening service to preach for us, he spoke from Exodus chapter two verses twenty-three to twenty-five. The sermon was very timely for us all at Arann Reformed Baptist Church. Mr. Baucham emphasised … [Read more…]

The Week Ahead

Our Pastor Mark Fitzpatrick is away at a conference this week in Scotland.  Please keep him and his companions in prayer and for travelling mercies. As such our Brother Rowan Murphy (pictured above) will be preaching at our midweek meeting. He will also be preaching this coming Lord’s day at the evening service. Please keep … [Read more…]